You have just undergone surgery; a number of rules must be observed to promote healing and reduce the risk of complications:

• Immediately after the operation, apply an ice pack on the area operated for 15 minutes and renew it regularly for 5 to 7 hours, and even the following days.

• Tabaco should be formally prohibited before and after the procedure as this may significantly increase the risk of failure.

• Avoid any source of heat on the operated area; therefore, avoid any hot drink or really hot food. Otherwise, it would be possible to have slight bleeding.

• Avoid all foods that are too hard for 48 hours. Your diet should be semi liquid for 2 days, after your diet could be normal but chew in the opposite side. You will also avoid any acid food (lime), alcoholic drink, salt, pepper and spices.

• Do not pull on the cheek or lip on the operated side to prevent breakage of the stitches. – Avoid passing the tongue on the points. Do not move them.

• Facial edema (swelling) is common, sometimes associated with bruises (“blues”) on the cheeks, the size and duration of which vary greatly from one individual to another. Applying an ice pack minimizes these unwanted effects.

• The pains are variable but most often moderate. An appropriate analgesic and antibiotic treatment will be ordered and will have to be scrupulously respected.

• Excellent oral hygiene is essential. Mouthwashes are prescribed. After each meal, the teeth and gums should be cleaned with an ultra-soft brush (called surgical): * perform your mouthwash by tilting the head of the intervention side by slightly inflating the cheek without circulating the liquid, but just soaking the operated site.

• For 5 weeks, it is absolutely forbidden to: * blow your nose *.
• Avoid flying, intensive sports, scuba diving, or playing a wind musical instrument (trumpet, clarinet …). – During 3 weeks, sneeze “open mouth” so as not to exert pressure in the sinus.

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